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Chris Jimenez


"When I founded Painters on Demand, I wanted to establish an organization more focused on long-term goals and enduring client relationships. Because of the nature of our service, we are able to leave a visible mark on many buildings, which just by their existence become a piece of history. I enjoy the feeling of knowing that as a company we are part of that collective vision and remain committed to an on-going role in the innovation of our industry. I am proud to have established a business that truly prioritizes the support of its clients, employees, and community alike."

POD offers more than just standard paint services. After years of customers asking how-to questions in regards to their freshly painted walls, we developed a maintenance program called paint-enanceTM. paint-enanceTM is the act of maintaining the paint quality of a given facility by providing an on-going solution for professional paint services.

Appearances are everything and your space says a lot about you and your company.

This allows Painters on Demand to take ownership and keep customers' facilities perpetually clean and freshly painted on a regular basis. This out of the box thinking is what separates POD from its competitors by allowing multiple solutions to what used to be a headache for many commercial clients.

Appearances are everything and your space says a lot about you and your company. A clean, well-maintained space shows pride. With paint-ananceTM we are able to do our part to make our customer's lives easier.

POD has grown from a local company to one branching out across the Southeast region, contact us to see if we service your area!

Painters on Demand, LLC is a BBB Accredited Painter in Tampa, FL

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